About the Epistle:

1) Place and Date of Writing:


i. Rome: 61-63 AD

ii. Caesarea: 58 AD

iii. Ephesus: 54-55 AD

2) Authorship: Definitely Paul

3) Unity of the Text:

a. 1 Letter

b. 3 Letters or more

4) Philippi:

a. Named: c. 360 BC by Philip II, king of Macedon

b. Roman colony a significant city of the first district of Macedon.

c. Mainly Gentile church

d. Evidence of trade in purple.

Philippians 1:1 - 11

1) Inclusiveness of the greeting and prayers - 1:1

a. All the saints - the whole community, no rank or distinction.

b. Overseers and deacons added later ie they could have been considered excluded from the greeting.

c. When you write to the church who do you write to?

d. Why?

e. Not Paul's conception of church - the church is the community.

f. The community is defined by what comes later.

2) Mutual Blessing - 1:2,3

a. Grace and peace

b. Declaration theology

i. Creation

ii. Jesus and forgiveness/healing

iii. Blessing/benediction in other churches

iv. Declaring grace and peace has an impact in the spiritual realm which flows on into this realm.

c. Paul has spoken grace and peace into their lives - he has blessed them. Why?

d. They are a continuing blessing to him

i. In physical ways - they supplied his needs

ii. In spiritual ways - they prayed for him

iii. In a sense of accomplishment - he planted this church and they were a shining light

iv. They held a special place in his heart.

e. This dialogue of blessing, prayer and respect is the basis of their relationship, their community.

3) The Prayer:

i. Regular, Joy filled, Thanking God for them and what they have done - 1:4,5

ii. Confidence in the Philipians and also God - 1:6

iii. Partnership - 1:7

iv. Community, Love, Mutual care - 1:8

4) Prayer Contents:

1. Their Love may abound more - 1:9

2. Their Love may be knowledgeable and discerned. - 1:9

3. Distinguish or approve excellent things - 1:10

4. Sincere and blameless until the day of Christ - 1:10

5. Be filled with the fruit of righteousness from Christ - 1:11

6. That they may be a bringer of glory and praise to God - 1:11