William Marion Branham

6/4/1909 - 18/12/65

06/04/09 Born in a Log Cabin to loggers
?/10/1909 Nearly Froze to death in winter
?/?/1923 Wounded while hunting
?/9/1927 Ran away to the West to work on a ranch
?/?/? Brother died and returns home
?/?/1933 Ordained independant Baptist. Begins tent meetings. Preaches to up to 4000 with miracles
Fall 1933 Followers build a Tabernacle in Jeffersonville
?/?/? Marries Hope Brumback
?/?/? Meets the "Oneness" Pentecostals and refuses subsequent invitations to speak - loses annointing
?/?/1937 Ohio Floods
?/5/1946 Hears a mighty rushing wind and meets Angel
07/05/46 Tells of meeting the Angel and being commisioned
?/?/? Travels to St Louis to heal Betty Daugherty
14/6/1946 Goes to St Louis to conduct revival
?/3/1947 Teams with Gordon Lindsay
?/11/1947 Meetings Portland Ohio
?/?/1947 Meetings in Canada
?/1/1948 Meetings in Miami
?/?/1948 Voice of Healing started to promote Branham
?/4 or 5/1948 Retires from the field for 5 months
?/10/1948 Begins work again - working alone
?/11/1949 Asks Lindsay and Moore to organise his schedule again
06/04/50 Scandinavian/Norwegian Trip
?/?/1952 Revivals in Africa
?/?/1955 Angel revisits
?/?/1955 Ministry begins to falter
?/2/1963 Seven Angels visit - "Spirit of Elijah" position
18/12/1965 Killed in a traffic accident
11/04/66 Buried